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Explore our world of innovative healthcare solutions and let us be a part of your journey towards excellence in medical care.

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Our mission is to forge lasting relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional services through innovation and advanced technology.

ProMed Trading Company aspires to be an enduring presence in the medical supplies sector, recognized for our perseverance in delivering high-quality services and products to our customers.

At ProMed Trading Company, we are committed to "Adding Life to Dreams" by ensuring access to the best medical solutions.

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Why Should You choose us?

We dig deep to identify the root of complex problems and focus on delivering tangible results for clients, these are a selection of the operations challenges we regularly work on.
We stay at the forefront of medical advancements, bringing you the latest and most effective products.
We deliver integrated solutions, complementing our capabilities with a curated ecosystem of the world’s leading innovators.
Integrity, honesty, and ethical business practices are at the core of everything we do.

Explore the Top Services of ProMed Trading Company

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Cutting-Edge Medical Supplies

Offering a vast selection of top-quality medical and healthcare products to meet the dynamic needs of professionals.

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Expert Consultation Services

Our team of industry experts provides personalized consultations to ensure optimal use of medical equipment and supplies.

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Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Harnessing advanced technology to deliver innovative solutions that improve patient care and enhance healthcare outcomes.

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Comprehensive Training Programs

Extensive training on our products for healthcare professionals, ensuring safe and effective application in patient care.

Advancing healthcare with our premier services.

Our comprehensive training programs further ensure that healthcare teams are well-equipped to utilize our products effectively, enhancing overall healthcare outcomes. Discover how our services can benefit your practice today.
Medical/Analytical Division
Expanding Healthcare Horizons
Specializing in a wide range of medical, physiotherapy, dermatology, gynecology, X-ray, ultrasound, simulation, and emergency products. We offer comprehensive training and participate in regional medical exhibitions to stay connected with the latest advancements.
Research & Scientific & Simulation Division
Innovating for Tomorrow
Dedicated to supporting the scientific community, our division supplies cutting-edge equipment and unparalleled support for research and scientific endeavors. We empower researchers with the tools needed for groundbreaking discoveries, complemented by expert training and support.
Beauty & Health Division
Elevating Aesthetic Excellence
As the market leader in dermatology consumables, our division proudly partners with ADWIN KOREA to bring top-quality products to the forefront of beauty and health. We're dedicated to enhancing aesthetic practices with our superior range of products.
Disposable And Hospital Consumables Division
Safety Meets Efficiency
Our division specializes in a wide array of safety and medical disposables, ensuring healthcare settings are equipped with the necessary tools for patient care and protection. We offer products designed for maximum safety and efficiency.
General Medical Equipment And Infection Control Division
Guarding Health, Ensuring Safety
Providing essential equipment and products, our division focuses on maintaining hygiene and preventing infections within medical facilities. From state-of-the-art medical equipment to innovative infection control solutions, we've got your needs covered.
Dental Division
Advancing Dental Care
Our Dental Division offers a comprehensive range of products tailored for dental professionals. From routine care to advanced procedures, we support dental health with our quality products and services, ensuring the best for both practitioners and patients.

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Qatar’s Leader in Healthcare Solutions

Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality in medical and healthcare products.

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